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About us

Our independent consultants provide the market research that companies need to enter new markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Turkey. Our high profile business summits introduce executives to policymakers, potential partners and customers in these markets who can help make their entry successful. We do this by offering clients strategic market research and consultancy services as well as creating high level trading platforms via summits, conferences and networking events.The later is a trait product of ours where we pride ourselves for connecting investors, government and industry.

Here we always work with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors and we make the upmost efforts to create environments where stakeholders holding key strategic authority within organizations can get business done efficiently. Our team consists of members with a strong background and experience in Turkish and Middle Eastern markets as well as members from Central Europe and North America – all with strong professional as well as academic experiences. 


  • EurAsia Strategies seeks to help Western clients penetrate fast-growing markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Turkey.
  • Our personalised approach will combine bespoke market research with event platforms for smarter market entry.
  • Our research will be of the highest quality and always tailored to the needs of our clients.
  • Recognizing that there is no substitute in business for face-to-face interaction, our business events will deliver value by connecting clients with policymakers, potential partners and customers.
  • We believe that ethical business is better business, and we will always hold ourselves to the highest standards of business integrity and environmental sustainability.

Our Working Process in 3 Steps

Key to us is Quality, Simplicity and Accuracy of information, Flexibility, Discretion and Trust.

Quality & Simplicity

Quality & Simplicity

EurAsia Strategies is an international media business.

Accuracy & Flexibility

Accuracy & Flexibility

We make entering new markets simpler.



EurAsia Strategies Ltd. is a registered company in the UK
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